Who is Comments Analytics for?

Whether you have online shop, product page in e-commerce websites (such as Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, ...), online service, online Youtube channel or need Comments Analytics for extracting insights from text.

Improve Customer Experiences

Reveal the best strategies for evaluating and enhancing your customers' feelings.

  • Uncover the best products that your customers willing to buy them
  • recognize the best features of services that have a good impression on your customers
  • Enhance your display and paid search strategies

Market More Intellegently

Understand your market, your competitors and your customers

  • Benchmark your market and find ways to grow your brand
  • Analyze trends, competitors' strategy and audience behavior
  • Understand the shopper’s journey for smarter decisions

Predict Your Customers' Needs

Prediction needs and trends in your product-market fit.

  • Extracting trending keywords and key phrases using NLP methods
  • Generate the insights you need to predict the need of customers in future
  • Predict product success with machine learning models

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1. Create an account

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2. Get Comments

To start processing comments you’ll need to extract the comments from websites and get an assessment of your credit value. You can extract the comments with Google Chrome plugin or paste it directly.


3. Apply

You can now send your request to start comments processing with our services. We’ll review the requests, just to make sure we can run your requests in the best way.

4. Use

Find out more about Comments Analytics dashboard and discover the opportunities of this Platform.

We recommend you to start using the Free plan and getting familiar with the different endpoints of the services with the documentation. After validating our services results, you can purchase your desired plan according to your business needs.