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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is contextual mining of text that extracts subjective information in the source materials and helps businesses to understand the social sentiment of their brand, product or content while monitoring online comments.

Sentiment analysis looks at the emotion encoded in a text. It is widly used to analyze customer feedback, survey responses, and video comments. Social media monitoring, reputation management, and customer experience are just a few areas that can benefit from sentiment analysis.

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Keywords Extraction

Keywords extraction is commonly used to extract key information from a series of comments. It is a text analysis method that involves Natual Language Processing (NLP) methods to extract the most important words and expressions from the text.

You’ll be able to see what topics are causing the most discussion among your consumers in comments, and automating the process will save your customer service unit time. Word clouds or tag clouds are another examples of keyword extraction. They show visualizations of a text’s most frequently used words in word clusters.

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Category Extraction

Category extraction in comments analytics involves automatically identifying and classifying comments or feedback into predefined categories or topics. This process utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to understand the content of comments and assign them to relevant categories.

For businesses, category extraction offers a range of benefits. Including streamlines the analysis of large volumes of customer feedback, making it easier to pinpoint the most discussed topics or issues. Additionally, it provides valuable insights for product development, customer service enhancements, and marketing strategies.

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