Free plan: Best approach to attract customers to purchase

Free plan: Best approach to attract customers to purchase

If you want to attract customers to buy your services, you should provide a "Free Plan" to persuade your customers. The key point of the Free Plan approach is the quality of service. You offer a Free plan to test your services because you are confident about the result. This plan enabled customers to verify their comments analytics according to their needs and If this validation result is satisfying, you are willing to purchase your desired plan.

Actually, there are millions of people searching in search engines to tackle their needs with software As a service (SAAS). On the other hand, "No Code" software is a trend these days. If you can get your customers with good strategies, the quality of services and sense of trust are the main major in converging them. The Free plan is the best approach to make a sense of trust in your users.

The Free plan often contains some initial features to the only tested by customers and validated. Currently, comments analytic's Free plan only has "Single Request" because the aim of this plan is to validate the finding insight of comments in social networks. The "Bulk Request" only targets to speed up the process by dedicated servers. So, the Bulk Requests were added to other professional plans. Some other features such as import methods, export methods, Database, and Support, and Servers can assign to premium plans according to their prices.

Currently, in comments analytics, we consider 10 requests to test and validate the quality of service. You can see details of current plans in pricing page .

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